Puskin the Christmas Pumpkin, lends itself to children with handicaps or debilitating diseases. Because of its message, I have donated 6000 books to hospitals in Evansville and to St. Judes in Memphis. To be able to make these donations I have used personal funds and had to call on the help of several friends especially Gary Wood from Houchens Industries in Mayfield, KY. However, in order to fulfill my dream of giving books to as many children as possible in hospitals, I have recently applied for and been granted not-for-profit status from the IRS and Lil’ Critter Kids is a public charity. That means that anyone who donates can deduct that donation from their taxes. It also means that I can now apply for grants to help print books to place into hospitals, schools, and libraries.

Puskin the Christmas Pumkin

A Book for Lil' Critters

Lil’ Critter Kids are in some sort of distress. You probably won’t find them playing baseball, softball, soccer, or basketball. Instead, they are sitting in a doctor’s waiting room, or working their muscles in physical therapy. They may be lying silently in an MRI, or watching a nurse pull blood from one of their veins, or, perhaps, watching another nurse pump medicine into their bodies. These are kids who watch their friends go off to engage in activities and make friends in hospitals only to never see them again. They learn life’s lessons at a very early age. Other Lil’ Critter Kids are looking to understand themselves and the world around them. They find themselves different and are wondering why. Trying to find meaning for their diversity, they are often frustrated with the roles that have been created for them.